Our Process

Why trū Chitosan?

It’s simple: because no other chitosan producer has as much control over the finished product as we do. Because we raise our own shrimp through our patented process, we can ensure the highest possible product quality in every batch.

  • Sustainable, captive production

    Our Tidal Basins have been shown to produce 69% less GHG than to extensive farms

  • Consistent output

    We manage every aspect of our shrimp habitat to produce chitosan with predictable quality

  • Domestic formulation

    Our single-source chitosan is accompanied by an unmatched chain of custody

trū shrimp controlled indoor facility
Balaton, Minnesota (USA)

Our Expertise

We know our way around water.

More than anything else, we’re water experts. We’ve spent countless hours perfecting every facet of trū Shrimp aquaculture technology, creating a sustainable farming process that’s better for consumers, better for researchers and better for the planet.

Our Patented System

Tidal Basin® Technology.

Shrimp used for trū Chitosan are raised using Tidal Basin collective technologies—a state-of-the-art approach to vertical shrimp aquaculture, designed to provide optimal growing conditions (water chemistry, temperature, flow, etc.) with automated management.

Tidal basin raceway (Interior)
Patented collective technology

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